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The mission of The Where Y'all At? Project is to engage at-risk youth in theatre arts before they become lost to the world of drugs. In 2005 WYA began as a play written, directed, produced and starring Mike Williams. The money will be used to fund a workshop that culminates in the performance of the play "Where Y'all At?" at the Juvenile Justice Detention Center in Baltimore on June 23, 2012. The play dovetails with the Where Y'all At? Project's work with youth in Baltimore City.

Color Theory Class works with Montgomery County Parks Department environmentalists to bring awareness to water pollution prevention techniques by placing murals on storm drains that lead directly into the Chesapeake Bay. The murals prevent people from dumping pollutants into the storm drains.

MC Color Theory Art Students take directions from artists with disability, providing agency to others, learning much more. "Who Gets to be An Artist?” is an art-facilitating program that brings visual art-making to under served populations. Our current focus has been to working  people with moderate to severe disabilities. Our belief is that art is created in the mind and can be extracted from a person by customized creative problem solving. 

Refugee Donation/Awareness Project

April 2017 Robin Meyer's Classes colloborated with Photographer for "Artivist" who travel fo work with child refuguess in making art about thier experience of home and displacement due to military confilict. Students elicited comments of support along with toiletry donations for refugees who have relocated to the DC metropolitan area. The donations were collected in the tents and much needed supplies were collected. In addition awareness was created.

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