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"Bridges" Statement


I have always been drawn to bridges. The structure as well as their purpose. Some of the paintings in this body of work include references to literal bridges others metaphorical.


This group of work was made during a time of great transition. Places, people, cities, jobs were all left for time to tell. When one knows that the immediate future will bring total change, there is both the urge to hold onto what one knows as a reassurance and also to fantasize of what may be. The effect on artwork is taking odd chances that may go somewhere or may not, just like the daydreams of what will be.


New palettes and material and styles were like trying on different lives. Odd, playful yet angst-ridden imagery spoke to my fears. Just the same way my mind was spinning the repeating questions about how things would play out in life – so happened in this work.

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"Roadside, Life on the Fence" 44" x 56" oil on Tyvek

© 2017 ROBIN MEYER. Use of all artwork on this website is prohibited without prior written consent of the artist.

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